Top Tips for Housetraining

  1. Select the area that the dog will use. Show it to him immediately so it becomes familiar and the association that this is the place for a “bathroom break” begins.
  2. With a new dog, be sure to take him outside frequently. The best times are after waking up, after playing and feeding, and before bedtime. Pay attention to the dog’s signals life sniffing, circling, and whining by the door to indicate that it is time to go out.
  3. Use a crate. A dog respects its “den” and will avoid soiling in it. When you come home, immediately take the dog out and soon the connection is made. Be sure the crate is large enough to accommodate his adult size and that it is filled with some toys and comfort items like a blanket. Never use the crate as a punishment, for that sends the wrong message about it.
  4. Accidents do happen, so remember that scolding and punishing serve no purpose as the problem has already occurred. Instead, firmly say “NO” and immediately go outside to reinforce the place that should be used.
  5. Always praise the dog when he goes to his spot at the time that you want him to. Speak in a happy voice, smile, and reward with a treat and be sure he knows that this was the right behavior. Reinforcement of good behaviors assures that they will