Seven Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Safe

  1. NEVER let your cat outside. The risks that the cat faces, traffic, disease, and other animals, makes the outdoors a dangerous place to be.
  2. Keep your cat away from electrical cords that could be chewed on causing shock or even electrocution. Cats can also play with the cord and cause whatever is attached to fall to the floor.
  3. Be careful with appliances. Cats can jump in a dryer for example, so check before you turn it on. Fans and space heaters can be dangerous also.
  4. Make sure your cords from drapes and blinds don’t dangle and tempt the cat. Cats can become entangled and possibly strangle themselves while trying to break free.
  5. Watch your cat around houseplants as some of them are poisonous. And believe it or not, some of our human food can be toxic to pets. You can find lists on a variety of websites.
  6. Keep medicines and household cleaners away from a cat. Just as you would protect a small child from these objects, protect your ca
    t too. If a cat does ingest any of these, call poison control and rush to your vet.
  7. Hide your shopping and/or grocery bags. Cats like to play in them, but if they get their heads caught in the handles, they could strangle themselves. Very few people are aware of how dangerous these bags can be for pets.