Moving With A Pet Calls For Preparation

Moving can be stressful, but the stresses can multiply when moving with a
pet. Here’s an easy list of tips to make your moving with your pet simple.

1. Update health records or get needed immunizations, preventions, etc.
2. Be sure to have up to date identification tags on your animal. This may
include both the old and new addresses.
3. Acclimate the pet to the means of transport; that is the carrier, crate,
car, etc.

1. If you have to stay overnight, be sure to find a pet friendly
hotel/motel. You can do this by checking with an auto club or the chain
2. Be sure to travel with the animal in a confined space. Cats should be
in carriers, and dogs can be in crates or cages or confined with a seat
belt. Either way, a dog should be able to stand and move.
3. Pack a kit with food and water, some treats, toys and a blanket or
4. Don’t feed the animal while traveling; it may get carsick.
5. When you stop, NEVER leave the animal in the enclosed and locked car.
Use a buddy system or carry your own supplies.

1. Contact the airline for regulations and services.
2. Book a direct flight during weekdays and in the coolest time of the day.
3. If your airline allows cabin flight for the animal, you must have a
kennel small enough to fit under the seat.
4. If the animal flies cargo, be sure the kennel is secure, has ample
moving room and is labeled with “Live Animal” and your own identification
5. Do not feed or water the pet for several hours prior to the flight.

1. Acclimate the animal by showing it the food bowl, bed, litter box, etc.
2. Keep the animal confined initially until the home is settled.
3. Keep a normal routine with same eating and exercise schedule.
4. Find a new veterinarian and emergency clinic.