HPPL Kroger Card

Changes to the Kroger Share Card Program

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program Eliminates Need for Separate Share Card

Kroger Grocery Stores replaced the Kroger Share Card program with their new Neighbor to Neighbor program. Under this program, you are no longer required to present a share card at the check-out counter when you wish to donate to HPPL. Instead, you can have a HPPL identification number electronically encoded onto your KrogerPlus Card that will identify HPPL as the organization you wish to support. Kroger has set aside a fund of one million dollars to be divided up among all participating non-profit agencies. The amount each agency receives will be based on the number of times that agency identification number is used by customers in a given year. That means the more you use your KrogerPlus Card, the more HPPL receives for our rescued animals.

Having the HPPL identification number added to your KrogerPlus Card is as simple as having the cashier scan a bar code that contains the HPPL identification number. You only have to do this once a year. After the bar code has been scanned, HPPL will benefit every time you shop during the entire year. The bar code appears below and can be printed and used by Kroger to enroll you in the program. Alternatively, you can download a PDF file that contains the bar code and complete instructions for its use. (Adobe Acrobat is required to view a PDF file.)


The KrogerPlus card is free and membership is not required to obtain this shopping card.

If you have questions about the Neighbor to Neighbor Program, you can contact a Kroger representative at 866-995-7643 or by email to neighbortoneighbor@kroger.com. Additional information is also available at http://www.krogerneighbortoneighbor.com/.

The Kroger Share Card has been a very beneficial program for HPPL, so if you shop at Kroger, please add HPPL to your KrogerPlus Card