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May 2009 eNewsletter

We hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday! It was May of 1989 when HPPL was founded. At that time, no one really thought of foster care as an option to taking animals to a shelter. But HPPL’s seven founders had been volunteering at a shelter long enough to be convinced that there had to be a better way. So they decided that it was easy to save animals who had skin problems like mange or ringworm and that it wasn’t so hard to treat heartworms and that moms and litters deserved a chance. Thus, their dream materialized as they opened not only their hearts but also their homes to these animals. Now, twenty years later, foster care is the backbone of many organizations, but as the program grows so does the need for foster parents.


You could save a life (or a few!) if you decided to be step up and be a foster parent. Every day, HPPL receives numerous emails and calls about animals that can be saved, but they don’t have a person to take them in. It’s SO EASY! HPPL underwrites all the medical work, provides the adoption sites, posts animals on websites and finds them homes. All you have to do is love them …for a while. Currently, we have three dogs at kennels that desperately need a temporary home. They really want a routine and a regular life. William (3966), Gretchen (3925) and Mabel (3680) are wonderful dogs with a lot of love to give back. And then there are the ones out there: kittens, cats, and dogs who only need a temporary place. HPPL does all the rest!


How about a summer of foster fun? Please contact the office at 713-862-7387 for more information or send our Program Manager a quick email via the website www.hppl.org and she can fix you up. Nothing will make you feel better than saving an animal’s life!


HPPL Greetings

Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009

In April, HPPL was able to
accomplish the following:


Heartworms Treatments

7 dogs


Spay/Neuter & Vaccinations

16 (7 dogs and 9 cats)



12 dogs and 11 cats



A Big Thank You from HPPL!

And from the Dogs & Cats!

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Dear HPPL Friend,

Donate to help us find more forever homes for pets!

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William needs a foster!


Call 713-862-7387 and talk to our Program Services Manager if you can help!

Hi, I’m William! As you can see from my picture, I am a handsome boy! But I have been at the boarding kennel way too long.


I am a good guy would really thrives on attention and likes girl dogs about my size. If you think you might want to hear more about me and “spring me” from the kennel, just call the HPPL office at 713-862-7387 and ask for me!

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Read on to learn about two of our recent success stories!



Life didn’t start so great for this guy, but he got lucky and was adopted by a wonderful couple on his first day at the adoption site. Within just a few days, this is the note HPPL received about this funny fellow (half Basset and half Lab!) “Coby is the biggest blessing and a wonderful addition to our lives more than I think we could have anticipated. He is perfect! He follows us around and loves on us all the time. He is just the sweetest. We cannot thank you enough; he is a truly amazing animal that we just love so much. You all made the process so easy, and you were all so well-informed, which we appreciated so much.”


Luke AKA The Dude

Luke now called Dude was one of Spydie’s babies. He was adopted after his new “parents” decided he was the most interesting looking kitten in the group. Within days of his adoption, his new “mom” sent this note:  “We just love our new kitty! He’s the sweetest, friendliest, most affectionate little guy. We have renamed him “Dude” because he is truly one cool dude! He gets into some mischief that we had forgotten kittens did. He loves his new sister, but unfortunately Topaz is not of the same mind.” Two weeks later, the report is even more glowing. “The Dude has taken over our household! Big sister Topaz isn't all that crazy about him but she definitely realizes he's here to stay, so she may as well come to terms with it. She's much better with him now, and will sometimes allow him to get close to her and even to snuggle once in a while. Dude is now part of our family, and is here to stay.


How’s that for Happy Endings?


Coby at home!

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Homeless Pet Placement League
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 Dude and his sister, Topaz


Other Ways to Help

Shop at Kroger’s for HPPL
The previous Neighbor to Neighbor program has changed so now you need to “reenroll.”  All you have to do is click here, print the letter from our website and take it to your nearest Kroger's. Hand the letter with the HPPL barcode to the cashier when you checkout. After they have scanned your KrogerPlus Card and this barcode, you will be enrolled for the rest of the year in this donation

program. Your shopping helps our animals since we receive a percentage of the purchase costs. 


How easy is this! Remember you can pass the word to all your coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors.

Adoption Highlights

Spydie (HPPL Tag Number A4625)

Spydie wants her chance now. Rescued right after Christmas, Spydie gave birth to four babies on New Year’s Eve. She was a good mom to those kittens and raised them right. So, each of them went to a new home easily (see Happy Endings), but this girl is ready for some attention, love and entertainment for herself. She gets along with other cats who like to play and she is ready for petting with nice soft strokes. Having worked hard on those “kids”  Spydie is ready to have just some “hang out” time too. (After all, she is just a young girl with an estimated age of one year.)


Jackson (HPPL Tag Number 4077)

There’s no doubt that he is Mr. Personality! This guy loves everyone he meets and is especially enamored with anyone who will give him the attention he thrives on. He is a character, entertaining and fun. In his foster home, he has made friends with a big dog so he now has figured out the running and playing thing too. Action Jackson has great manners (except for jumping up to get in a lap or be held) and he will “dance” for you if you ask. So, if you need some fun in your life, come meet Jackson!


For other wonderful dogs and cats needing homes, please call us at 713-862-7387, or view them on our website at www.hppl.org or go to www.petfinder.com and search for HPPL.


Spydie (~1 year old)

Benefit Events

Cat Show – Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7 (Need 6 more helpers!)

Talk to anyone who participated at the March cat show, and they will tell you what a great time was had by all. HPPL is again being asked to help steward (basically clean) the rings (four of them) as well as staff an information booth and an adoption area. This is not only  a perfect way to enjoy watching the competition but also to help stray and abandoned animals as the cat club makes a sizeable donation to HPPL for assisting them. HPPL adoption kitties may attend and participate in the household pet division (with proper paperwork) and may be available for adoption. In March, several of HPPL’s foster cats won ribbons to show off at their next adoption day. The two shifts begin about 8:45 AM and run through 5:00 PM; if you want to stay the day, a lunch coupon is included. Please contact hpplvolunteering@gmail.com  or our website at www.hppl.org for details and to sign up.


Gift Wrapping – Saturday, June 20 (1 – 6 PM)

Here’s an easy way to help HPPL and the animals. HPPL volunteers will provide gift wrapping for items purchased at the Borders Books on Kirby for Father’s Day. There is no charge for the wrapping, but we do take donations!  So there’s nothing for you to bring except your talents. We need a minimum of three volunteers per shift (1:00 – 3:30 and 3:30 – 6:00) to encourage people to have the gift wrapping done but also to wrap and take donations along with publicizing the organization. If you are interested, please email Kay at kayhppl@yahoo.com or contact us via the website (www.hppl.org).


Membership Drive – coming in late June

Along with a hard copy newsletter, you will receive a membership notice in June. You can either become a member or renew your membership for the next year. The deadline for membership is August 15, so HPPL wants to give you plenty of time to make sure you are on our list of supporters. 


Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows – Friday, July 17 – Sunday, July 19 (3 hr. shifts from 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM)

If you are a “dog person” here is the opportunity to see every kind of dog imaginable when you volunteer at one of the finest indoor dog shows in America. At the show, HPPL staffs an information booth for attendees. We not only publicize our good work but we help people learn about rescue work, pet overpopulation, and general animal care. Spend a few hours working at our booth and then enjoy the rest of the time watching agility or breed judging, browsing the vendors, and going to practical clinics on dog health, grooming and training. Bottom line is you will serve the animals by staffing the booth and then enjoy yourself by just having a good time at the event (and of course “cat people” are more than welcome to volunteer too!) Please contact us at hpplvolunteering@gmail.com or via the website at www.hppl.org  to sign up.




HPPL began microchipping its foster animals late in 2007 and continues to do so at every intake day. When the animal is adopted, the new owner receives the information on how to register the pet. 


Will you take a minute to be sure you have done that?  It takes no time at all if you go to the web site www.24petwatch.com or call 1-866-597-2424.  HPPL wants to be sure that your animal will always be safe.  Feel free to contact the HPPL office at 713-862-7387 if you have any questions.


Jackson (~2 years old)

The HPPL spring prize drawing was held on May 13th and three lucky ladies came out winners. But, naturally, we all know who the real winners are: the animals that HPPL will be able to help with the revenue raised from this fundraiser. A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you who participated by either sending your tickets back in or by convincing friends, coworkers and family members to help out. The dogs and cats are grateful to you!


1st prize: Peg Nevers is going to have fun with the Nintendo Wii Console & an Apple iPod!


2nd prize: Teri Rice and two her dogs are excited about the Pup Scout Training, Mobile Grooming, and  PETsMART gift card!


3rd prize: Hannelore Kennedy can’t wait to use her gift certificate for a day of pampering at Josephine's Day Spa & Salon!