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August 2009 eNewsletter

HPPL was founded twenty years ago to be all about the animals, but the animals need people to make HPPL’s continuing good work happen. That’s why this note is addressed specifically to you, the people, who can make that good work happen. The summer months are hard. The pleas are many, the adoptions are slow, and the revenue to fund heartworm treatments, surgeries, x-rays, and all that we do is limited. That’s where you come in. We are going to ask you to do a few really easy things that will help HPPL move into a successful fall. 


First, if you haven’t already renewed your membership, please renew online and do so quickly. The deadline is August 15th.  People always ask what they get for being a member. Truth be told, it’s a warm feeling that you helped an animal have a second chance at living the good life (see a couple of happy endings below). 


Second, take a short survey for us. We want to plan Fall events that you will attend, so let us know your preferences. Then be ready to have some Fall fun. With these two quick clicks, you have given a dog or a cat a new lease on life…and they thank you.


Finally, we really need help with events. Surely, some of you like planning parties! When we know what kind of activities people most want to attend, then we need lots of hands (and a leader is good too!) to put the event together. If you want to be on the front line helping animals, then please volunteer for event work. Most of the planning can be done by phone or email.  People truly make the difference for the animals. So sign up now!


HPPL Greetings

Volume 2, Issue 6, August 2009

In May and June, HPPL was able to accomplish the following:


Heartworms Treatments

8 dogs


Spay/Neuter & Vaccinations

46 (22 dogs and 24 cats)



19 dogs and 16 cats



A Big Thank You from HPPL!

And from the Dogs & Cats!

Text Box: eNewsletter Spotlight

Dear HPPL Friend,

Donate to help us find more forever homes for pets!

Read on to learn about two of our recent success stories!



Maverick was found as a six week old pup wandering a neighborhood looking for something, anything to eat. He appeared pudgy in the belly although the ribs were showing because he was full of all kinds of terrible worms. Two of HPPL’s long term foster parents, grabbed him up and hurried him over to a close vet for some initial relief from the mange he already had. As you can tell, he wasn’t real excited at all the poking and prodding and then dips! After a trip to HPPL’s vet and some additional medical work, he was ready for the big adoption event. And there he is shortly after he was adopted. “Dad” had been wanting a dog to call his own, and so Maverick was the one selected.  David sent HPPL this note and picture just after Father’s Day: “As you can see Maverick is getting larger, and we are having a great time training him. Maverick is making great progress. Now, our cats are starting to adjust to our newest family member. We feel very blessed to have him as part of our family. Everybody loves him.”



Chloe was a shy cat who did not do well at the adoption site.  Thankfully, she was seen by her new family on our website. The adjustment to her new home and to a new “brother” who had lost his previous companion was slow, but as time goes on, she is fitting in according to this note: “Chloe seems to be doing fine so far. She is a very special kitty. By the way Kerwyn seems to be o.k. with her too. He is not acting too upset about having her in the house.” A month later, another good report came in: “Chloe and Kerwyn seem to be warming up to each other. I won't say they are best pals but there is a lot less distrust. Chloe is a bunch more active now as well and loves to play by running up and down the stairs. Chloe also sleeps on the bed most nights, and this morning, Kerwyn and Chloe were both on the bed together for a little while. I have to look hard whenever one of them enters the room. They both make a lot of the same types of chirps, trills etc.” Clearly, Chloe has found her forever home!


How’s that for Happy Endings?

Maverick just rescued!

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 Chloe has settled in

Another Way to Help

It's that time of year to renew your Kroger “Neighbor to Neighbor” charity preference. The selection you made in past years no longer rolls over from year to year automatically. Kroger now ends their charity donation year in May and reopens the charity year in June. So it's time to register again. Just click on the "renew" link above to find a copy of the HPPL bar code. Print it out and take it with you to be scanned and then you can continue to help animals for another year. You can also pull up the bar code image on a Blackberry or IPhone for scanning at the register. No matter how you register, you are donating to the care of homeless pets.


Remember you can pass the word to all your coworkers, friends, family, and neighbors.

Adoption Highlights

Gina Marie (HPPL Tag Number A4610)

She was found as a young kitty and has always preferred loving and petting to playing. Her low key personality would make her an easy “single” cat. Gina would enjoy just being with you and having attention as you sit, work, or relax. She’s what we call a real “people cat!” (She does fine with other cats but wants to be the one who gets the most affection.) And notice how beautiful she is too!


Jellybean (HPPL Tag Number 4162)

She is only one of eight pups found by a dumpster at the age of four weeks. Lucky for them, someone spotted them and mom (who was tied nearby) and took them all in. At this time, several have new homes, but Jellybean is still waiting. She is definitely the little sweetie in her group. Although she is a lap hog and a cuddle bug, she wants fun time too. She gets along great with other dogs since she has spent time with her brothers, sisters, mom and the big dogs at the foster home. She’s almost five months old and doing well on all her “manners.” And there are two more girls like her (Sammie Sue and Sage as well as those brothers, Scotty and Little Alex).


For other wonderful dogs and cats needing homes, please call us at 713-862-7387, or view them on our website at www.hppl.org or go to www.petfinder.com and search for HPPL.


Gina Marie (~10 months old)

Benefit Events

Cat Show – Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009 (9:00 AM—5:00 PM)

This is our final opportunity to help at a local cat show (near IAH) in 2009.  Anyone who has helped in the past knows that this is a really easy way to bring in revenue for the animals and have fun learning more about different breeds of cats.


HPPL is again being asked to help steward (basically clean) the rings (five of them) as well as staff an information booth. HPPL adoption kitties may participate in the household pet division (with proper paperwork and registration). HPPL’s foster cats have consistently won ribbons to show off at their next adoption day. The two shifts begin about 8:45 AM and run through 5:00 PM; if you want to stay the day, a lunch coupon is included. Please contact hpplvolunteering@gmail.com  or our website at www.hppl.org for details and to sign up.


Jellybean (~5 months old)

Maverick after adoption