About HPPL

What does the Homeless Pet Placement League do?

The Homeless Pet Placement League (HPPL) is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that provides for the rehabiliation and adoption of stray and abandoned dogs and cats. The HPPL does not operate a shelter; animals are cared for in the homes of those who rescue them. The rescuer serves as the foster parent until the animal is adopted into a permanent home. This cooperative effort between HPPL and the foster home helps animals that would not fit the criteria allowing them to be placed for adoption at an animal shelter; these include animals with skin problems such as mange or ringworm, heartworm positive dogs, and injured or seriously malnourished strays.

HPPL Mission Statement

  • To rehabilitate and provide foster care for stray/abandoned dogs and cats with the goal of placing them into qualified, permanent adoptive homes;
  • To provide assistance to pet owners who are unable to assume the cost of spaying/neutering their animals;
  • To provide humane education and increase public compassion for animals in an effort to prevent future animal suffering and neglect;
  • To support other animal welfare organizations.

Who pays for the care of HPPL animals?

The HPPL works with veterinarians in the Houston area to provide quality care for all of our rescued animals. Veterinarians assisting the HPPL are reimbursed for their services by the organization according to a set fee schedule. The majority of the HPPL budget goes toward providing veterinary care, including spay/neuter, for our animals. Since the HPPL does not require that a fee be paid to admit an animal into the foster program, we are entirely dependent upon private donations from members and nonmembers to help stray and abandoned animals.

Does the HPPL ever have an animal euthanized?

The HPPL makes every effort to successfully rehabilitate each animal we come in contact with. However, since we accept stray animals regardless of their condition, we sometimes receive animals that cannot be saved. An animal is only euthanized, however, after examination and recommendation by a veterinarian that that would be the kindest thing we could do for that animal.

How does the HPPL mobile adoption program work?

Since the HPPL does not have a shelter, we take our animals out into the community to find permanent homes for them. PetsMart and Petco stores in the Houston area graciously invite the HPPL to bring rehabilitated pets into their stores for adoption. While in the store the animals are housed in kennels. Store space and kennel constraints tend to currently limit us to approximately 10 to 12 adult dogs and 15 to 20 cats and kittens at each site.

A fee of $100 for cats and $125 for dogs is charged to adopt an animal from the HPPL. In the case of dogs, your $125 provides you with a loving pet that has been vaccinated (DHLPP), dewormed, spayed or neutered, and is heartworm free and on once a month heartworm preventative. All of our cats are also vaccinated (FVRCP-C), dewormed, spayed or neutered, and have tested negative for feline leukemia.

What is the HPPL doing about the pet overpopulation problem?

HPPL takes a proactive stance in supporting the reduction of pet overpopulation. NO animal may be adopted from the HPPL unspayed or unneutered. HPPL puppies and kittens are spayed or neutered at 12 weeks of age prior to adoption.